Maria Costanza with Turuk
(Expo ANFI/FIFE Lucca 2018)

My name is Maria Costanza and I live with my human and hairy family in Camogli, a small and romantic village in Liguria.
My love for animals was born, I could say, in the cradle, but until the age of 13 I could never have a little animal of my own. I was afraid of cats, but when I saw a Ragdoll for the first time, almost thirty years ago, I fell in love and decided that one day I would have only had this very special and unique cat. And so it was !! In fact, much more has happened: A real love at first sight.
Tobias and Ursula , both from the famous and prestigious Italian breeding RAGDOLL PASSION by Roberta Bertini, have started this beautiful love story.

Why choose us?

1 - Reliability

The love that we daily put into following the evolutionary growth of each puppy has led us to have many satisfactions, to guarantee those who meet us.

2 - Professionality

The care we take with which we breed our cats to bring them to the best meets the highest expectations that the customer can hope to have both in health and welfare.

3 - Passion

Our mission is to share and transmit the passion for this wonderful breed to all those who approach the Ragdolls, expanding the audience of lovers of a unique cat of its kind.