Welcome to our "cattery"


He only fears the flying petals


I come to life

Why came and visit us

There is a village, in Ligury, called Camogli, with the sea a few steps in front and the wooded hills full of olive trees behind, in a mild and temperate climate all the year, where our cattery is born.
In this habitat, still on a human scale and surrounded by nature, I decided to create, helped by the precious support of my daughter Gaia, my little breeding selecting the reproductors within some of the best Italian and foreign bloodlines.
Our breeding is registered and recognized by:

  • ANFi (FIFE)
  • Associazione Internazionale T.I.C.A.
  • Associazione Nazionale AFEF (WCF)

Our cats live at home with us as our kittens I nostri gatti vivono in casa con noi come i nostri cuccioli which since their birth they have grown with dedication and love in such a way as to be able to develop their marvelous and sweet character to the fullest. My philosophy is to breed cats that are not only beautiful but above all healthy and with an excellent character. If we had at least a little intrigued come and visit us and you will fall in love with these unique "treasures" forever! .... And it will be FOREVER DOLLS ........

Our Ragdolls performed all genetic tests on DNA for HCM and PKD at the laboratory: ANIMAL DNA.


To protect the health and welfare of their kittens, this Breeding declares its firm opposition to the pet trade practiced outside of the farm itself.

Guaranteed living spaces.

Forever Dolls does NOT use cages, is not overcrowded, does not produce litters "all year" and does not select for profit, but for the development and spread of the breed reared.

Natural and painless maternal separation.

Our puppies leave their mother only after the third month of age, to have all the time to grow and fortify themselves in a family and peaceful environment, surrounded by the maximum of possible attention.

Origin guarantee.

They are always entrusted accompanied by an official pedigree of the association they belong to and transferred to the new owners as established by law.

Medical visits and vaccination checks.

They leave their home only after being carefully checked from the health point of view and always accompanied by their certification of vaccinations, copies of tests carried out on parents for FIV, FELV, HCM, PKD, triple de-worming, double vaccination with third call obligation, compulsory sterilization for puppies sold not for reproduction.


Our kittens will ALWAYS be followed by us who will remain available to the new owners without time limits, as long as it will be necessary.

Knowledge of the purchaser.

Our puppies will never be entrusted for sale to shopkeepers of animals ( petshops ), laboratories, intensive farms.